Spirit Championships


Recreation Rules/Restrictions

Spirit Championships events recognize that Recreational Cheerleading does not have an official governing body to refer to, and that Rec Cheer Teams may have different guidelines to follow within their individual organizations. Please adhere to the guidelines set forth by your organization, and select the division that best fits both the age and abilities of the athletes on the team so that your team will be given the best opportunity for success at Spirit Championships events.  All teams competing in these divisions must meet these criteria in order to compete in these divisions:

I. Must be affiliated with, report to, and be governed by an organization such as the following:

-Boys & Girls Club
-City/County Parks and Rec Program
-Community Youth Organization
-Pop Warner Association
-Any other community run program not associated with a school or all-star program

II. A team must be able to prove their relationship and affiliation with their said organization if requested. Their organization’s president or higher seated authority must submit a formal letter stating their affiliation.

III. 50% of the team must have cheered for a sport (i.e. football, basketball) with that association or organization within the current cheer season. Proof must be provided in a timely fashion upon request. If the organization the team is representing or associated with does not offer cheering for a sport, this rule may be waived only if the president or higher seated official writes a letter to the event producer informing them that this option is not available. This is the only reason a team should not be allowed to cheer for a sport. This also does not guarantee that you will be allowed to compete in a rec division.

IV. A Recreational/Organizational Cheerleading team may do or have the following:

-Can hold tryouts 

-Can have their own practice facility or gym 

-Can practice and/or attend tumbling classes at gymnastics or all-star facilities

-Can combine team members from other teams within the organization

V. If a team does not meet all of the above criteria they may be disqualified.

VI. Rec Cheer Teams who do not cheer for a sport, or are affiliated with all-star programs or schools, even if it is a half year or introductory team, will need to register in the all-star, prep or school division that best suits their ability level at Spirit Championships events..

The Following rules apply to both Traditional Rec and Performance Rec Divisions:

·        Total routine time cannot exceed 3 minutes.

·        Timing begins with the first organized movement and/or first word of cheer or beat of dance.

·        Organized entrances that involve cheers or run ons with jumps, tumbling or stunts are not permitted. Cheerleaders should enter the performance area in a timely fashion.

·        Timing will end with holding of the final movement, pyramid or stunt.

·        Partner stunts and pyramids are permitted by level guidelines.

·        Routines should be choreographed so that the routine flows from one segment to the next.

·        Gymnastics and jumps are permitted and encouraged by level guidelines.

·        There are to be no props used in the routine with the exception of signs, pom pons, flags and megaphones.

·        Performance Rec Teams must follow the U.S.A.S.F. Rules. Traditional Rec Must follow Spirit Championships Rec Rules.

·        All routines should be appropriate for family viewing. Any vulgar or suggestive movements, words, or music will result in a score deduction. No tear-away uniforms or removal of clothing is allowed.

For questions regarding Rec Divisions and Registration: Contact Chris Graham chris@spiritchampionships.com

For questions regarding rules and legality: Contact Dawn spiritchampionshipsjudge@gmail.com 

Performance Recreation CLICK HERE
Performance Rec is defined as a competitive rec division that has level restrictions and will be judged on the Spirit Championships All Star Score Sheet, which can be found by going to www.spiritchampionships.com Performance Rec will follow the level guidelines for All Star cheer set forth by USASF. Teams in Performance Rec divisions often practice more, have competition practices and/or compete on a regular basis.  Performance Rec teams will follow USASF Rules and Regulations and Spirit Championships Scoring Grids without any additional restrictions. Performance rec teams are not required to have a cheer in their routine.

Traditional Recreation  CLICK HERE

Traditional Rec is defined as a lower commitment and/or entry-level competitive rec division that has level restrictions and will be judged on the Spirit Championships All Star Prep Score Sheet which can be found by going to www.spiritchampionships.com. Traditional Rec will follow the level guidelines for All Star cheer set forth by USASF. 

Teams in Traditional Rec divisions typically practice less than Performance Rec teams, focus on cheering for their organization’s athletic teams and/or compete very sporadically. 

• No basket tosses allowed at any level

For questions regarding Rec Divisions and Registration: Contact Chris Graham chris@spiritchampionships.com

For questions regarding Rec Rules, Scoring, Restrictions, and Legalities:

Dawn Graham at spiritchampionshipsjudge@gmail.com


As a coach, it is important to be current on the Spirit Championships & USASF Safety Rules. If you have questions concerning any safety rules or questions regarding specific performance elements, please follow these steps. This will ensure that you receive a timely and accurate response to your questions. 

• All questions must be in written-email form.

• Due to the differences in interpretation and terminology; no phone calls will be accepted.

• Do not rely on prior rulings from other competitions.

• A separate video must be submitted for each competition to ensure legality.

• For all Legality questions, you must send a video that contains the skill in question.

• Video must include the following:

1. Front, side and back view of skill.

2. Name of the competition where you will be performing skill and the Division you will be performing in.

3. Include your name, team name, email and phone number with your video.

4. Do not send the entire routine, only video clips of the SKILL(S) in question.

VIDEOS THAT ARE NOT IN THE ABOVE FORMAT WILL NOT BE VIEWED. VIDEOS MUST BE RECEIVED IN SPIRIT CHAMPIONSHIPS OFFICE at least TWO WEEKS PRIOR to the event date. Videos not received in the Spirit Championships office two weeks prior to the event date MAY NOT be reviewed. You must email your videos to: Spiritchampionshipsjudge@gmail.com  Note: Emailed videos may not exceed 10MB and should be in either Windows Media Player or QuickTime formats. 


Any general scoring questions can be directed to Dawn Graham at spiritchampionshipsjudge@gmail.com